Tuesday, January 29, 2013

back to writing and living

It has been a while since my last blog, July, 2011.  Wow, I haven't written for more than year!
I don't exactly know where and how to start.  So much has happened and didn't happen in 2012 and as 2013 began.  Some good but mostly sad and not so good.  So many losses and disappointments.  Boy, did I learn so many things, some even the hard way and really big time.
So many options, sometimes it gets so confusing and exciting and scary and heartbreaking all at the same time.
I didn't know that aspiring for work-life balance can be difficult.  Now that my family relationships are getting better, my career is starting to take a three hundred sixty turn.  I don't  know if that's good or not.  It's as if my midlife crisis is starting so early. Oh my, does that mean my life expectancy is that short? It should be alright because I don't want to die too old.  Growing alone has suddenly become dreadful.  Years back, I was confident that growing old alone is okay because I have my best friend with me.  But I don't about that now.
Oh well, every day is a new hope.  Another start, just hoping you won't screw up and be better.  But if you make mistakes yet again, never stop learning.  When you stop educating and improving yourself, it's like slowly ceasing to live.
So now, I want to start living again.  And as a first step, I blog again!

Jan. 30, 2013
12:56 am

Sunday, July 31, 2011

a blessing or a curse?

i don't know if this is normal or bizarre. i always has this ideal of the one.  i know in this modern day setting, it is kind of absurd to hold such standards.  i don't know if it's just me.  but i look for that certain connection with someone.
i tried losing that standard.  but it became some sort of quick fix and even worse, led me to a traumatic experiences.  maybe i shouldn't settle for something less than what i deserve.  it's got to be the one, the one who i know, the one who i can trust my life with, the one who can see through my eyes, the one who can discern my complicated mind, the one whose soul can be free with mine, the one who will always be there and gives without asking.
i haven't had such connection with anyone in a long while. i don't know if i will again have that with anyone.  well,  none as of yet.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

dust yourself off, kid!

i  have done a very stupid mistake this time.  but i'm gonna clean up this mess, fix whatever is left that can be saved.
others say, it's embarrassing when you get hit real hard and fall heavily on the ground. 

but i say, stand up, cough out the blood, wipe off the dirt on your face.  start kicking and punching again.


i would like to think i'm a good person.  i have made many friends over the years.  i'm loved by my family.
but yes, i 've made many mistakes in my life, many stupid ones, in fact.  i've offended some people knowingly and unknowingly.
i often have good intentions, i try to as much as i can.
but sometimes i get misunderstood due to my wrong decisions and indecisions or for the lack of courage or words to verbalize.
is it wrong to feel anything less than rational or pragmatic or practical?  am i wasting my time?  should i just stick to things that are mechanical and base all on reason?

Epilogue 2

Smoke fills my lungs and it's getting tired day after day. 
Coffee has failed to stir my senses. 
Alcohol flows in my veins only to leave my mouth drier each night. 
I drown myself with work. 
Yet I'm cerebrally blank. 
My heart beats faintly for anyone or anything. 
I wanna feel again that connection to something that can blow me away. 
I miss what makes me race to all that is amazing. 

blurry screen, blank monitor, frozen mind 
blood-shut eyes, static fingertips, numb heart 
unrequited longing, unquenchable thirst, unfathomable emotion 

(june 29, 2010)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Down there was among the most beautiful places I've been to.
And just before the last ascend, I saw the silvery sunlight shining on water;  It was an "almost" perfect view.
As I came out of the water, I saw the most beautiful smile while I tried so hard not to show my own.
Whoa, it surely blew me away!
I took a second or two trying to freeze that sort of cinematic moment, relishing the feeling I may never have a chance again.
Then I walked to shore, trying so hard to stay still as I sat. I tried to speak a word but there I was again, tongue-tied and mesmerized.
And that moment was perfect (at least in my mind, though briefly it may be).....
(dec. 31, 2010)

Monday, June 14, 2010

scaredy good, scaredy bad

this year, i've tried many things i thought i am not capable of.

been in different islands, beaches and cities.

rode on various modes of transports wherever i went to (cars, buses, tricycles, airplanes, boats, skateboard, etc.). slept in hotel rooms, houses, huts, cars, planes, tents, hammocks, tables, wherever possible during my travels and weekend escapes.

discovered new crafts and rekindled old arts that i am passionate about (photography, writing, culinary, skateboarding, etc.).

done wild things without even thinking if it might injure or kill me. ranging from downing endless submarine shots in the bars or underwater to countless taking of "trial & error underwater photos" to enjoying snorkling despite having almost zero swimming skills.

it's all about hanging loose and conquering your fears. it felt good after surviving the dreadful activity. not minding the bruises from climbing up & down a hill just to take a dip in a serene lake or watch a majestic view. enduring accidental cuts from corals or the exhaustion from climbing 700 steps to get to the top of mountain (and then back to the starting point below).

but the most dangerous of all these adventures is the inescapable quest they call love. been in and out of this treacherous journey. drank it like a bitter sweet elixir (and even vomited because of it). now, it's luring me to plunge into its abyss again.

it's as if i'm in the long line for a rollercoaster ride or a 10 feet high cliff......plunge or walk away?

as they say, "the best feelings in your life come when you start feeling good after you've been feeling awful."

maybe scaredy good or bad.

what the heck? 1, 2, 3.....WOOOHOOO!